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 Downtown Chick

Some Signs of a Downtown Chick

Short Menstrual Cycles (27 days or less)


Possible Heavy Periods


Early Ovulation


Ovarian Cysts


Loose Stools


Digestive Issues




Bloating/Edema/Water Retention




Prolapsed Organs


Issues with Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Emotional Triggers:
Over-thinking, Anxiety, Worry, Negativity, Pessimism, Tension

Fertility Challenges


Downtown Chicks tend to have difficulty conceiving.


If anything, this is the most common undiagnosed "infertility" that we come across.


Because the cycles are short the ovulation and hormones are off.


This causes difficulty conceiving for a few reasons:


1) It causes it to be difficult to time ovulation.


2) Since the ovulation is off, the egg might not be mature enough to fertilize.


And 3) the uterus is too weak to hold onto the embryo (which may result in miscarriage or premature birth even when there is conception).

What's Going On? 

Downtown chicks tend to have weak digestion which leads to decreased overall energy. 


The body is not holding onto food long enough to extract nutrients to provide the strength the body needs.


This commonly leads to hormonal imbalance (low progesterone), blood deficiency issues (see Iron Chick) and circulation issues (see Untamed Chick).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Terms:
Our concept of the "downtown chick" is a description for a common health pattern in Traditional Chinese Medicine called Spleen Qi Deficiency or Qi Deficiency.


Treatment for a downtown chick usually includes strengthening digestion, uplifting energy, improving circulation, balancing hormones and nourishing blood.

It's not very difficult to resolve downtown issues but it requires diligence when it comes to the diet.

The biggest challenge is to cut out salads, smoothies, deep greens and spicy foods and to add more grains and fats.

Download our
FREE Chick Calendar specifically for Downtown Chicks. Follow the diet and exercise guidelines for the whole month and pay special attention to Menstrual Cycle days 17 and on.

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