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Mouthwatering Chick
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Signs of a Mouthwatering Chick



 Dryness (mouth, throat, skin, hair, nails, lips, vagina)

 Low Libido


 Low Back Pain

 Flaky or Chalky Vaginal Discharge


 Kidney Failure

 Gestational or Type II Diabetes

 Pregnancy: Low Amniotic Fluids

 Premature Aging and Wrinkles

 Kidney Failure



 Urine Abnormalities (sweet-smelling, difficult, frequent, dark)

What's Going On? 

Mouthwatering Chicks are dehydrated and dry. 

They do not have enough internal fluids. 

This can happen because the woman is not properly hydrating herself and she drinks things that dehydrate her (like red wine, coffee or soda).

Or it can happen because a woman's body is not retaining the fluids she takes in.

(A woman who drinks a lot and urinates freqently falls into this category.)

Mouthwatering Chicks tend to quickly end up with further complications.

If the body does not have enough fluids to act as a coolant in the body she may end up with Hot Chick or Tropical Chick problems.

If the blood is deprived of fluids she may end up with Iron Chick problems.

Medical Equivalent:


Traditional Chinese Medicine Terms:

Our concept of a "Mouthwatering Chick" correlates to the common health pattern in Traditional Chinese Medicine related to Dryness and Yin deficiency (specifically of the kidneys, liver or heart).

Emotional Trigger:


Treatment of a Mouthwatering Chick is very straight forward.


The goal is to hydrate and moisturize.


This usually requires special nutrition focus to make sure the body is properly retaining fluids.


Herbs are very effective at treating most mouthwatering chick signs pretty immediately (however, results often depend on the extent to which our customer is willing to take a temporary break from the drying habits of coffee, soda, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, hot yoga, jacuzzis and sweating).

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