Different chicks. Different requirements.
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 Pregnant Chick

Mouthwatering Chick
 Downtown Chick
Nursing is a time in the life where a chick needs to meet three specific requirements in order to have a lot of milk.

 1) Sufficient Nutrients for Milk Production
Nursing chicks must eat constantly (5 medium size meals per day) which helps sustain regular milk production and keeps the body from getting depleted.
Furthermore, the food she eats must be high in nutrients (i.e. eggs, fish and chicken). 
If she doesn't get proper nourishment needed for milk production, she becomes depleted very quickly (as fast as the baby nurses) and her supply may go down.
Watery milk or soft breasts is a common sign of not getting enough nutrients. 
(Iron Chicks and Downtown Chicks tend to have low milk for lack of proper nutrients or fluids.)  
2) Sufficient Fluids for Milk Production
Nursing Chicks need to drink at least 64 oz per day of liquid (or more!).
If she doesn’t get enough fluids needed for milk production, she becomes depleted very quickly and her supply may go down.
(Mouthwatering Chicks tend to have low milk for lack of proper hydration.)
3) Circulation 
How the heck are the nutrients and fluids the nursing chick is putting into her stomach gonna work their way back up to the breast to be converted into milk?
Through the blood.
Therefore, proper blood circulation is necessary for the nutrients (that will turn into breast milk) to make it up to the breast and out to the baby.

When the milk can't get to the breast or to the nipple because the circulation is blocked, the milk supply may become endangered. 
Plugged ducts and/or painful sore breasts are a sign there is a circulation issue causing low breastmilk. 
An improper latch and lack of skill on the part of mother/baby will also cause a circulation-type low breast milk problem. 
Untamed Chicks commonly have low breast milk due to circulation issues.
This is also a common issue for women that have had breast surgery or injury.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
In Traditional Chinese Medicine the protocol for a Nursing Chick is to nourish Yin and Blood and move Qi.
Nursing Chick Protocol
During the entire duration of breastfeeding, a Nursing Chick needs to focus on proper nourishment, hydration and circulation in order to keep her milk supply plentiful.